Amazing performance – discouraging or empowering

Sometimes amazing performances by others discourage us. … we might think that we can never aspire to this level or that quality.

Better I think that we experience the WOW, the AMAZING, the JOY of the moment. Let it settle and drip over us and through us and then … think about what bit of what we experienced could we include in our work. Some small thing or things that raises the bar for us.

Enjoy … let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Amazing performance – discouraging or empowering

  1. What a display! I think we should look at some great colour that adds splash for us.
    We do have that much music in us all and a few strategically placed mirrors could multiply our numbers.

  2. Very cool! Reminds me of when I sang with a youth dance-choir called Voices In Motion some 16 years ago…

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