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Busy – Good Busy

Sometimes life can get so overwhelming. When everything converges all at once it can be exhausting, but when the activity is good work that feeds the soul, it can leave you energized and fulfilled. I am so grateful for all the wonderful new friends I have made over the past few weeks.

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Do You Remember Kindergarten?

Do you remember that old adage that “everything I needed to know about life I learned in Kindergarten”? ┬áSeveral exchanges this month have led me back there and how it relates to so many disciplines.

Gigi Vincentini (an amazing eastern medicine practitioner) told me (while twisting the needles) that her first 3 months of an extensive 5 year formal study of eastern medical techniques gave her all the fundamentals. From then on it was about going deeper in each area to understand them at the level that a “master” needed in order to “practice” and heal.

Robyn Cathcart, my wonderful and insufferably patient voice teacher, laughs at me when I have epiphanies about things he has been saying, demonstrating and mentoring in me for years. “Think of how much money you would have saved if you had listened, heard and understood in the first place.”

We don’t get it all at once, do we? And the practicing is part of the essence of our humanity. Yoda did say “there is no try; only do or not do.” … hmm Yoda, I’m not so sure. I am glad that folks keep trying. We can’t all be overnight Jedi Masters.

First past the post

Well here’s the deal.

I need a new website. I need to promote my recording studio and on-site recording services, my choirs need to know where to go to hear rehearsal Mp3’s of music they are working on. I need to promote the Jazz Trio’s (Kiki Londo) new CD “squeezin’ it in”. I want a page devoted completely to my work as a piano tuner/technician and restorer of fine pianos AND I would very much like to share and publish the spiritual music I have written with anyone who will listen.

I have decided that I am going live, regardless of whether or not the web site is ready.

Wish me luck and visit me again soon.